Saturday, June 16, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 15.06.2012 twitpic from mbc

Muhan Girls are officially starting the new time slot this sunday. This is great news for the girls and giving them more exposure. I am certain MBC won't regret this decision. Let's support the MUHAN GIRLS. FIGHTING! 

Credit: 2hjforest
Source: mbcnest at twitter


  1. Missauditor, dropping by to say hello since I don't like the new soompi format :)The girls need a lot of luck, they are going against 1N2D :( I felt that MBC is sacrificing them because of the strike.

  2. ^ Wow. Yeah that's quite a feat. I was really excited until I had an Epiphany and realised that its a double edged sword considering that shows on the main channel get cut much quicker and easier if the ratings aren't good (case in point, the show they are replacing). That means hopefully the PDs will spice things up with more guestings and fun ideas. HOPEFULLYYYYY. PLEASE DONT RUIN MY LAST REGULAR HWANGBO SHOW.


    1. Yeah that so true it will either make them or break them. I am really hoping that they will have great rating in all this competition.