Monday, July 2, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 01.07.2012 episode 3, full cut

son ho young in the house! haha. i am not his fan but i bet most of muhan girls are. lol. direct link is here. enjoy!

source: imur100 at soompi
credit: uploader at tudou


  1. i like this episode, really laughed a lot... =D
    they became high school students again, they're all very pretty..
    while the others were getting rowdy with the sight of their teacher hwang bo unnie was calmly sitting at the back.. LOL!
    i hope they'll also guest other celebs... ^^

    -dianne ^_^v

  2. i enjoy this episode too but not much hwangbo this time. i hope the rating will increase increase and increase and hwangbo screentime will be more, more and more. fighting!