Monday, July 9, 2012

[mbc muhan girls] 08.07.2012 episode 4, full cut

the girls were running around to avoid paying for krw70,000. lol. the first mission was to give a member they most thankful too present worth of krw10,000. hwangbo received clothes from ahn yongmi and cold noodle from shin bongsun. baek boram and kim suk didn't receive anything. both were so frustrated. poor girls.

the second mission was to make other member pay for the bills. few alliances were formed but i think none was successful. everybody just betrayed everybody else. lol. and yongmi was wearing the read sweatshirt in past episode. this was her third time, her second time in philippine was complained by all the members. lol. direct link is here

source: carlita at soompi
credit: uploader at sohu

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