Friday, September 21, 2012

[article] 15.09.2012 ZE:A’s kwanghee mentioned old-school girl group Chakra in middle school journal entries

on the September 15th episode of MBC‘s ‘we got married 4‘, diary entries from ZE:A Kwanghee‘s middle school days revealed which old-school girl group he was a fan of.

he and SECRET‘s sunhwa were organizing their personal possessions when he pulled out his journal from middle school. apparently, he was a fanboy of chakra as his entries read, “the chakra members are very pretty singers. i like chakra. it’s awkward though because it seems like they always lipsync their songs. i also think maybe they only look good because of makeup".

kwanghee definitely seemed a bit embarrassed by what he wrote. he explained, “in the 90s, everyone lip-synced”, and he performed chakra’s choreography perfectly. he went on, “if hwangbo nuna sees this, she’ll freak out. hwangbo sunbae. I’m really sorry".


click here to watch the episode mentioned above and below is screencap by dm_ma from fancam of mbc idol championship in 2011. kwanghee was spotted taking a selca with hwangbo. the clip is here (at 6:08).

source: sports seoul via newsen, nate
credit: translation to allkpop, dm_ma, uploader at youku

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