Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[muhan girls] 16.07.2013 episode 136, full cut

very fun episode. the guests were 'sik star' instead of sistar. i think the 3 girls are siblings? they are overweight and like to eat. in this episode muhan girls had eating competition with them. the 'sik star' girls also showed some behaving tips to live as overweight girls. lol. 

hwangbo loves food. the caption said she's food fighter. kekeke. she finished the gross sandwich, eat pizzas and at the end i think because muhan girls won the 'sik star' girls, they got to eat what they wanted. as muhan girls strolled the street, the other girls noticed a naengmyeon restaurant (hwangbo's favourite food) and asked hwangbo if she would like to have it. everybody ended at that restaurant. i love all the girls!

source: dm_ma at twitter
credit: rhtl11 at daily motion


  1. thank you for being active again in posting Hwangbo updates

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    1. thanks you ^^ for being around supporting this blog and hwangbo <3