Thursday, July 11, 2013

[muhan girls] new layout of its official website

i like hwangbo looks great in every photo. by the way if you have twitter, please follow @muhan7girls the new official twitter accounts.

i hope you guys like the update. wish me more courage to regularly update this blog too. lately, i really miss hwangbo.



  1. Thank you for updating! been waiting for this! and please know how grateful i am for this blog... i came to know an angel of a star named hwangbo hyejung... komawo! thank you sooooooooo much for your hardwork!!!

  2. Thank u 4 coming back in time. I felt so sad when you stopped updating our angel's news from jan. this year. There r many fans in different countries but u r so special, hardworking, persistent! Tks again n wish u all the best. Fr Camellia.

  3. thank you for your comment. it does give some motivation ^^ i hope you enjoy some more update today <3

  4. welcome back ... been waiting for this. :-) miss HB mucho, and of course miss u too. please update as often as u can. please dont stop. butakhae. -mimi-

    1. thank you mimi. wonder if you are mimi that i know. keep being around here ~

  5. gracias por sequir y publicar ste tipo de cosas sobre hwang bo yo quiero mucho a esta persona a pesar de qque no la conozco en persona ese es mi sueño conocerla algún dia my angel