Sunday, July 21, 2013

[twitter update] 25.02.2013 hwangbo and friend

@Estella816 힘내시고 항상 하나님께서 함께 하실꺼에요!!제가 기도 팍팍!~해드릴게요ㅋ 오늘 함께사진도 찍어주시구 토크도 너무좋아서 힐링 됫어요!! ^^ (토크중 중앙에 앉아있던 청난방 !! 팬됫어요~)

*if i understand correctly, this guy expressed his gratitude to meet hwangbo and talked with her especially about god. this guy seemed to very like their talk about god* 

source: yookwamg at twitter
credit: yookwamg at twitter

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