Friday, August 2, 2013

[fun and fact] false accusation

yesterday i read another false accusation towards hwangbo. this is of course not my first time. today, i would like to share something i came across late 2012. i deleted some information to maintain peace between hwangbo fans. please don't take the pictures to anywhere else, i appreciate everybody to come here and read.

i always tweet-search 'hwangbo'. almost everyday. the example i wanted to share started from there when i saw few hatred tweets directly to hwangbo. next, i click few individual accounts and checking more hates and more.

not all hatred end up badly. some were willing to listen and eventually change their opinion about hwangbo. i am really thankful to those who spread hwangbo's love. 

lets spread more and more hwangbo loves. i believe whoever knows the real hwangbo will at least cannot hate her. if you are new fan, you can start from here. and here i also share my tweets to haters. if you encounter them, first, ask them what hwangbo did to them they hate her so much. i am sure they cannot even answer.


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