Thursday, April 14, 2011

[muhan girls] 12.04.2011 filming photos

ukiss in the house! i am interested to see how is dongho around baek boram. he is boram's love pursuer (a variety show). and i love hwangbo's shoes!

source:, uniquebz at baidu
credit: muhangirls and pdrockct at twitter, usertv at cyworld


  1. I don't think dongho was boram pursuer, he pursued the girl that was one of the mc's on star golden bell Lee Chae Young , he said so in the episode of Hwang Bo's love pursuer...anyway, Hwang Bo is beautiful and love her outfit <3

  2. Thanks for sharing~ *hugs*
    agree w anon above, love her outfit~ love the shoes too,& love whenever she does her hair like that ~ simply gorgeous!^^
    & what I love to spazz on?
    That star & that black-and-white striped dress~!!! :D