Saturday, May 14, 2011

[article] 12.05.2011 ye jiwon says hwangbo is 4D

ye jiwon (39, real name: lee yoojung) is dubbed the 4D actress of korea. she was a guest on cable TV YTN 'news & issue – issue & people'. when reporter lee kwangyeon asked her, “out of your celebrity friends, who would say is the most 4D?”, ye jiwon confessed, “my very close friends um jiwon and hwangbo are very 4D".

she explained, “i think they are even more 4D than me. whenever we talk, it seems like we’re talking about totally different things. however, we all understand each other perfectly. sometimes, when the three of us gather together, we translate what we’re saying to each other".

credit: translation by simplyhwangbo

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