Saturday, May 14, 2011

[muhan girls] 12.05.2011 episode 23, full and hwangbo cut

the girls were divided into three groups and headed to different missions. each group was to take picture related to what they were doing and sent it to other groups. based on the pictures, each group needed to guess what the other groups were doing. 

hwangbo and jiwoo (maknae)  were helping halmoni to sell budaejjigae. they prepared the ingredients and ended up having meal with the halmoni. they sent picture of a food from the restaurant to the other team. yongmi team had a hard time to guess what hwangbo team was doing. 

there were few must-watch-moments in this episode, jueun felt awkward to be in the same team with yongmi, eunni revealed hwangbo's manager (with new look) and cordi dongsaeng, yongmi flustered when hwangbo tried to french kiss her. and also to see the girls played hide and seek. lol. please click here if you can't see the embedded full cut video.

full cut

hwangbo cut

source: irenecwailan and 1loveHB at twitter
credit: qqdisk at youku, 1lovehbYT at youtube

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