Sunday, May 15, 2011

[twitter update] 15.05.2011 the teachers

**초등학교 1학년때 신**선생님께 묻고싶다. 얘들앞에서 날 그렇게 때렸어야했냐고... 8살짜리가 뭘안다고.....
** to my first grade elementary school teacher Shin** i want to know… did you have to hit me like that in front of everyone that day? i was only an 8-year-old kid… what would i know?

**초등학교 2학년 김** 선생님께 묻고싶다. 여자인 나를 책으로 머리와 얼굴을 수없이 때렸어야했냐고.... 9살짜리가 뭘그리 잘못했다고....
** to my second grade elementary school teacher Kim** i want to know… why did you have to hit my face and head so much with your book? i was only a 9-year-old kid…. what would i know?

그후 상봉초등학교로 전학을가고 나는 밝은 아이라는것을 알았다. 초등교육이 가장 중요하다고생각한다. 아직도 그분들이 선생님을 하고계실까 걱정이다. 스승의날을 맞아 담임보다 더 나의 진학상담을 함께해주신 고3때 일어선생님께 전화드려야겠다.
after i transferred to SangBong Elementary school, i found out for the first time that i was actually a very bright person. i think that the things you learn in elementary school is the most important. i always worry if those two teachers are still teaching now. i should give a call to my highschool grade 3 (senior) japanese teacher for teacher’s day. he dedicated a lot of time in giving me advice for what i should do with my future. much more than my home room teacher.

teacher's day is coming. in malaysia, it's every 16th may if i am not mistaken. lets take some times to greet those people who played significant parts for what we are today. i hope not many have to face the same experience as hwangbo in her first and second grade. 

source: hwangbo's twitter
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo

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