Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[article] 15.05.2011 hwangbo's twit creates discussions

may 14th was teacher’s day in korea. on this day, hwangbo tweeted about her past teachers. hwangbo revealed shocking facts of teachers abusing first and second graders. this confession triggered a wave of bloggers to blog about their own experiences or saw themselves.

one blogger blogged about how she saw a grandmother teacher punch a small child in the face while wearing a huge diamond ring. another blogger shared experiences of getting hit for informing some information in place of the class leader to another teacher.

another twitter replied about how once, a teacher asked his/her students if his class was boring. when a student replied yes, the teacher responded by hitting his student with a bamboo stick. even readers of simplyhwangbo shared experiences of getting her hair pulled.

it seems this year’s teacher’s day in korea was a day of reflection for teachers all across korea. these type of punishments are unacceptable. especially to young kids whose brains haven’t even fully matured. with that said, not all teachers in korea are abusive. don’t forget to thank your teachers for being so kind and patient! please find full articles related to this here and here.

source: simplyhwangbo at twitter, search naver and nates
credit: translation by simplyhwangbo, photo as tagged

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