Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[oh my god] 29.08.2011 episode 18, hwangbo cut

aigoo, life of a new bride. haha. in this episode, hye jung (hwangbo's character) was visiting her in-laws, her bathroom ethics and her interaction with hubby's friend. i loling whenever hwangbo used the bathrooms.

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source: 1lovehb and 4hwangbo at twitter
credit1loveHBYT at youtube and 4hwangbo at twitvid


  1. was she i philippines? I so swear I saw her at discovery suites last june.

  2. im so happy for HB.... congrats for new show,,and more power to you.^_^

  3. hi anon 1. yes she was in philiphines end of last june. you really see her? she's more beautiful off screen right? haha..

    hello anon 2. thanks for your visit ~