Sunday, August 18, 2013

[happy birthday] 16.08.2013 #Sweet34Hwangbo

so it's that special day of the year again. 16 august 2013 was last friday or two days ago. i was very busy with the birthday project i didn't have much time to update this blog. have you check the special blog tribute to hwangbo's birthday? please click this link. it's best to view the blog with your desktop or notebook. the mobile mode didn't give the blog enough justice. 

the above gif was extraction from my gathering video with friend in malaysia to celebrate hwangbo's birthday. full cut of the video can be watch at this link

the banner was contributed by @lvk2010 

the background song was contributed by @mrs_meta. she sang and played the guitar. at first i was going to put all video messages as the background sound but i change my mind  after i heard her audio. i like it very much. 

so i would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody whom participate. especially to @dm_ma, @lvk2010, @mrs_meta, @irenecwailan, @wazu252_hjl and @moleqre at twitter and @yannnwy001 and @uniquebizhi at baidu for the helping hands. i felt very good to be surrounded by people who has the same passion towards hwangbo.

what do you think of the birthday tribute? at first i was not confident but i receive many positive messages about it. thank you for your kind words (you know who you are). is there anybody else who want to contribute any photo/video/party tribute #sweet34hwangbo? i am not sure if i can do it, but i will try to update as timely as possible. just send them to last but not least, happy birthday angel! happy birthday hwangbo.



  1. love all your guys awsome8-)

  2. hwango bo...she's great, im from Mexico and i love her, thanks