Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[project] celebrating #Sweet34Hwangbo

hi everyone. today is 14 of august and it's actually one more day before hwangbo's birthday on 16 august 2013. i didn't post the project here much earlier because hwangbo probably is stalking. lol. actually i updated all the project info at soompi and twitter. thanks to other fans who spread the words. 

this year, due to inactive mode of many fanclubs and fans, the project become smaller in scale but i hope still leave a great impact to hwangbo and her fans. 

a simple blog was set up to post all birthday tribute to hwangbo. at the moment the blog is on private mode and will be reveal on hwangbo's birthday. you guys can send your birthday tribute to or hwangbo's soompi or our twitter (@missauditor or @4hwangbo)  and i can update the blog. i list here few example.

1. photo message (credit to the owner as tagged)

2. Video message (credit to uploader)

3. party tribute
this one i didn't see any example yet. basically you and your group of hwangbo fans make a gathering and greet and blow the candles or something like it or whatever. the best example is the below video from minute 3.45 onwards.

4. pray for hwangbo by china fans
this is special project by china fans at baidu. i think you can get detail of this project at baidu.

5. voice message
this going to be the background songs to the blog. i hope i can receive many of this one. it would be nice. the example is not so nice but i hope it gives you idea.

if you guys have different tribute than the above categories, just update us cox our category is fixable. 

please tweet her on the eve or on 16 august 2013 and tag #sweet34hwangbo. so it's easier for her to track the messages later. 

this is what we always do in the past. if you have some spare time and money, buy a postcard and send her your birthday greetings. you guys can tag the postcard with #sweet34hwangbo too. doesn't matter. you can find her address in this blog. please go to tag 'address'.

fridge magnet
this is another project organised by her fans. if you have extra money, do send her fridge magnet represent your country. maybe you can write some notes at the back too.

that's all for now. have a nice day!


  1. Hi @missauditor ^_^ Thanks for driving this birthday tribute for Hwangbo unnie. I posted my FanVid on soompi as my contribution.

    ~@spazzer2012 ( twitter) aka imabeliever (soompi)

  2. hi spazzer2012/imabeliever, yeah i got urs and updated the blog accordingly. i wish i have your talent to put a video together. thank you ^^